Martial Art: Battlefields


An expansion for Martial Art

Battlefields is the first expansion for Martial Art. It contains 24 new cards along with two new card types which will add exciting new dimensions of strategy to your games of Martial Art. Battlefields is now available from our online store!



In 1274 an invading Mongol fleet was destroyed in a typhoon, ending Kublai Khan's attempt to conquer Japan. A battlefield can be tumultuous; weather does not always cooperate. To represent this, weather cards are shuffled into the land deck at the start of the game. When a weather card is drawn, its effect continues until a new weather is drawn to replace it. Weather will affect the battles in unpredictable ways, forcing you to adapt your strategy to what the battlefield is giving you.



"Know the ground, know the weather; your victory will then be total." -Sun Tzu
Terrain cards may be played before battle to augment your battle card. Because terrain is played before battle but the effects don't happen until later, other players may guess your intention and act accordingly. Alternatively, terrain may be used as a feint to trick your opponents before you surprise them with an unexpected battle card.

Check out the video below for a quick tutorial.


After printing Martial Art in 2016 and playing many games since then, we realized that Geisha is by far the strongest card in the game. In fact it is so powerful that your success or failure in the game might often hinge simply on whether you happen to draw a Geisha.

With that in mind, we have split Geisha's effect into two separate cards which will replace the original Geisha in your base game: one to cancel battle cards and the other to cancel support. We believe that this change will enhance your games of Martial Art and provide for more balanced gameplay.

geisha change.jpg


  • 8 terrain cards

  • 8 weather cards

  • 8 war cards

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