A 3-5 player semi-cooperative card game of computer hacking coming to Kickstarter July 11!


In the 1990s, a small band of freedom fighting hackers team up to take down an evil corporation. They meet anonymously over computer networks to conceal their identities, but there's a problem -- one of them might be a corporate spy!

Dark Web is a game of hidden player roles and pushing your luck for 3-6 players, comprised of 128 cards. Search the servers for precious data files to incriminate the Moore-Ally-Good Corporation, but be careful who you trust as you may not all be on the same side.

The goal of the game is to download enough data files after 4 rounds to expose the corporation for what it is. On your turn you may play any action scripts in your hand, then decide if you want to bank your points or stay in and draw a card. But be wary of drawing a lock, as too many locks will cause your connection to be shut down and all the data you've found to be lost.

For IT players, do whatever it takes to stop the hackers. But be careful of revealing yourself too early, as once you do the hackers can work around you!