It's the 1920s and the prohibition of alcohol has brought a wave of organized crime to the United States. You and some other gangsters have been pulling off job after lucrative job...until now. The coppers are onto you and you gotta give em the slip, but not all of you will get off scot-free this time…

In Gangster Dice each player starts with a set of dice that represents the evidence against them. You win the game by getting rid of all your evidence to "prove" your innocence. To do this you will compete with the other players for control of four tokens that will let you gain, lose, or otherwise manipulate the dice. But be wary of losing too many dice too quickly, as you may find yourself stuck with the rest!


Check out the Gangster Dice components below, or Take a look at our gallery for more videos and images! The game can be purchased at our online shop.


How do you get all those components back in that tiny box??

When packing the games we found that the basic game plus the expansion just BARELY fit in the box. This proved to be a problem for lots of folks, so one resourceful gamer posted a nice demonstration of box repacking. Check out his Board Game Geek post!