Martial Art - Frequently Asked Questions

How many of each Battle card are in the deck?

  • (0) Supplies - 2
  • (0) Chaos - 1
  • (0) Ninja - 2
  • (1) Geisha - 3
  • (2) Apprentice - 2
  • (3) Archer - 4
  • (4) Peasants- 3
  • (5) Assassin - 3
  • (6) Raider - 4
  • (7) Scout - 4
  • (8) Cavalry - 9
  • (9) Samurai - 7
  • (10) Commander - 6
  • (11) Daimyo - 4
  • (12) Emperor - 1
  • (12) Shogun - 1
  • (13) Legend - 2
  • (14) Ronin - 2

How do Supplies work?

Supplies are normal Battle cards and may be played as such. They will always return to your hand after the battle no matter what.

How do Legend cards work?

Legend cards are played as normal Battle cards and may only be gained by playing the Apprentice card. All Legend cards which are not in a player's hand should be left face up in a stack near the play area, and they are returned to this pile after they are played. They are never shuffled into the main Battle deck.

When can I play Support cards?

  1. When specified on the card. If played this way, the card's effect is immediate and it is then discarded. For example, after cards are revealed in a battle, if you then play a Cavalry card your strength is immediately increased by 1 and the Cavalry is then discarded.
  2. Face down as your Battle card. If you played this way, the text on the Support card does not take effect. Treat it as a Battle card with no special rules.

How many Support cards am I allowed to play each round?

As many as you want! There is no limit to the amount of Support cards you may play each round. So, for example, if you have 3 Cavalry cards and an Archer in your hand and you played a Raider as your Battle card, you may then play all 4 Support cards to boost your strength by 6 (for a total of 12!).

When flipping cards for resolving a tie, do those cards' effects matter?

No. The only thing that matters for a tiebreaker is the flipped card's number. The card's text does not take effect.

Does Geisha only cancel a card's rules text for me or does it cancel the text for everyone?

Geisha nullifies all rules text on a single card, therefore it nullifies the text on that card for everyone.

If I play Ninja is it mandatory that I then play another card after reveal or is it optional?

It is mandatory. Note however that you will always have your Supplies card in your hand, therefore you will always have at least one card you can play.