Martial Art Prototypes Printed and Sent to Reviewers

The prototypes for Martial Art have arrived and they look amazing! They are very colorful and feel really good in your hands. It's strange playing with such nice cards after months of using sleeved card stock. :)

Each art piece is a historic Japanese artwork printed in high definition on 300 GSM cards. 300 GSM is the standard for quality playing cards.

The cards were printed by We hadn't ordered from them before so this was partially an experiment, and they more than lived up to our expectations.

Also under experiment was the decision to forego card borders so that the art could go all the way to the edge of the card so as to allow the fullest image possible. As you can see, this worked quite well.

The rule booklet also turned out wonderfully and the print quality is exceptional.

We managed to pack all the rules into a tiny booklet that fits nicely inside a tuck box, without leaving out any crucial details. The only downside is that we could not fit card clarifications or FAQs in the booklet, but we will post them on this website.

The Kickstarter campaign will be launching June 12 or June 19, depending on how quickly the reviewers get to the game. We hope to see you there!