Martial Art Kickstarter Campaign Launches June 21!

We at SGG are very excited to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for Martial Art will be launching on Tuesday, June 21. We have been blown away by all the positive feedback this game has received from our play groups and we can't wait to share it with the world!

Martial Art official page (check out the cards, they look amazing!)

Below is a link to our first official review. One of our playtesters described it as "a light card game that is easy for casual gamers to learn and enjoy, with enough strategic depth to challenge hard core players as well." This is exactly what we had hoped it would be, as the game was originally designed for gamers to play with their significant others or as a filler.

Martial Art review by Guild Master Gaming

How do you resolve a tie in Martial Art? You can use the method in the rules, or...

How do you resolve a tie in Martial Art? You can use the method in the rules, or...

A Look into the Future
We love making games. We love it so much that we already have more games in the works for our next project if Martial Art is a success.

The frontrunner is a game in which the goal is to survive a haunted house. It is a small card game, the same size as Martial Art or possibly a bit larger.

The story for this game is a girl named Elizabeth and her little brother James have gone to stay in their grandfather's old house. The first night they are there, Elizabeth wakes up and James is gone. She must now search for her brother in a haunted house filled with dangers that are slowly coming to life.

This haunted house game is currently our best prospect for a third game. We have had other ideas and made other prototypes but this one is the strongest so far. We hope to bring you some good news about it in the coming months, but first we must get Martial Art printed. We hope very much that you will support us in our efforts to produce this game!