That escalated quickly!

Wow, the Kickstarter campaign for Martial Art really went out with a bang! This game far exceeded our expectations in the interest it generated. Judging by the way it accelerated over the last few days, it's obvious this game has hit on something that's highly desired by gamers right now.

This is the funding graph for Martial Art. Notice how it never really levels off and how it spikes big time at the end. In contrast, below is the funding graph for Gangster Dice.

This is what is called an inverse bell curve. It surges at the beginning, levels off in the middle, and spikes again at the end. As you can see, for the middle 2 weeks or so of our campaign we were getting virtually no pledges. Many Kickstarter funding graphs look like this.

So why did Martial Art stay so strong for so long and finish with a bang? To be honest we're not entirely sure, but we have a few ideas.

  1. Never underestimate the power of beautiful art As I've said before, art is king. Art is what draws people to your project. I asked a lot of backers what it was that drew them to the game, and I don't think a single person mentioned "gameplay" as the main allure.
  2. We ran BGG ads for the entire campaign Board Game Geek ads have again proven themselves to be worth the money. If they didn't convince people to back right away, at least people were being made aware of the game.
  3. We engaged our backers as much as we could People appreciate attention and are drawn to passion. Every one of us at SGG displayed that passion for the duration of the campaign, whether it was demoing the game to friends or chatting with folks on tabletop game forums.

Hopefully we can build upon this game's success and continue to learn and grow for future games. For now though, we have a card game to produce. =)