New Games in the Works. Playtesters Needed!

SGG will be publishing a new game very soon but first we need to confirm the fun. That means we need playtesters! We have three games which we are currently mulling over to decide which is best and, above all, we need to be sure the next game we publish meets our quality standards.

So what are these games? All of them are card games roughly the size of Martial Art, each with its own unique play style and theme. These games don't have official names yet and those below are placeholders, so if you have an idea for a name then by all means let us know!

If you are interested in playtesting any of these games for us then by all means let us know!


This is a game of computer hacking set in the 1990s. A small band of freedom fighting hackers team up to take down an evil corporation. They only meet anonymously over computer networks to conceal their identities, but there's a problem -- one or two of them might be corporate spies!

ASCII Hacks is a game of hidden player rolls and pushing your luck. Search the servers for priceless data files to incriminate the corporation, but be careful not to go too far and have your connection shut down! And above all be careful who you trust as you may not all be on the same side.

Below is some preliminary artwork for the game.As you can see we are using ASCII art, hence the name!

ascii art.png


House of Whispers

England, 1940. Claire and her little brother James flee the bombing of London to stay in their late grandparents' abandoned mansion in the countryside. During their first night in the house Claire wakes to find James missing. As she begins to search for him she realizes the house is haunted, but luckily the spirits are not all unfriendly. The ghosts of her ancestors are there to whisper into her ear the dangers that lie ahead so she that may avoid them.

House of Whispers is a cooperative game in which one person plays Claire and the rest play the friendly spirits. As a spirit, communicate what information you can to Claire. As Claire , you must make the right decisions to avoid the terrors of the house!


Viking Raiders

Set in the Viking Age, this game is about raiding and settling. Raid different regions of Europe using your longships and skilled crew. Collect resources that allow you to upgrade your ships, explore the world, and build settlements throughout Europe!

The following is not our official artwork, but it will give you an idea of the layout of the cards.