Dark Web Kickstarter launching July 11, naming contest for Evil House

Dark Web has had some delays but we are finally approaching launch time! The game will contain 128 beautiful ASCII-art cards with a basic pledge level of $14. Because there are so many cards and the price point is so low, our funding goal will need to be fairly high, for us anyway: $3,000. This means we will need 100-150 backers just to fund the game so any help getting the word out will be greatly appreciated.

Additionally, to keep the funding goal at $3,000 instead of even higher, the game will start out using mini cards rather than standard size playing cards. Our first stretch goal at $4,000 will be to increase the cards to standard playing card size, but of course the game plays just fine with the mini cards. If the game funds we will likely also raise enough to increase the card size, but you never know.

"Evil House" naming contest

In addition to this, we are planning to launch another card game with the placeholder name "Evil House" in October. This is to deliberately coincide with Halloween as the game is about a young woman named Claire searching for her missing brother James in a haunted house.

Evil House is a cooperative push-your-luck game for 3-5 players. Players take turns as Claire each round, and the other players are the friendly spirits of her ancestors (the house belonged to her now-dead grandparents). At the start of the game each player chooses one word, and they will use that word for the rest of the game to communicate information to Claire about what is in the house. For example, if their word is "beware" and they draw a ghost card, they might say "bewaaaarrre...." like a ghost to communicate to Claire what it is they drew.

Our two front runners for the name of the game are "Claire, Beware!" and "House of Whispers" but we aren't in love with either of those. If you have a name suggestion let us know, and if we end up using it you will be credited in the rule book!