Dark Web's failure on Kickstarter

OK, we admit it--we ran a bad campaign. We didn't do our homework, and it really showed. I suppose we were spoiled by the performance of Martial Art, which made us think that for some reason we didn't have to properly prepare.

We will relaunch this game at some point in the not-so-distant future, though we will likely retheme it. A hacker-themed game full of ASCII art turned out to not be a very strong turn-on for the Kickstarter marketplace. But aside from that, here are a few specifics of what went wrong.

1. We didn't get the word out

This is easily the most classic Kickstarter mistake creators make. Marketing is insanely important for things like this. Very few people knew about Dark Web, and at launch time we had very little press.

2. We didn't properly vet and display the art

This is the second classic Kickstarter mistake. We all liked the art for this game very much, but ironically it looks a lot better on a card than it does on a computer screen (the irony is that ASCII art is almost exclusively displayed on computer screens). We should have been posting our art for other folks to critique a long time ago so we could get a feel for what people liked and didn't like.

3. The cards were too small

People want full size cards, not itsy tiny half-size cards. Enough said.

What now?

So here we are. The relaunch will be run better. We will get the word out, we will make sure to use the most enticing artwork we can come up with, and the cards will be full size from the get-go.

In fact, in hindsight our mistakes are so glaringly obvious that I will be starting a blog on this site called Kickstarter Mistakes, dedicated solely to what we've done wrong and how to avoid repeating those mistakes in the future.

Thanks to everyone who supported us, and we hope to see you next time!