SGG's plan for 2018: more Martial Art, and another card game!

Having mulled an expansion for Martial Art for some time, we decided to focus on that for the first half of 2018. We have two expansions in the works, each 24 cards, which will modify the game in significant ways. Here is a quick overview of these expansions. Both are working names and may change.

Martial Art: Heroes and Villains

The theme of this expansion explores the various heroes and villains of the Sengoku period (though of course as we all know, one person's hero is often another person's villain!). Each player will be dealt two hero cards at the start of the battle, and the villain cards will be shuffled into the deck.

  • Hero cards differentiate your hand from the other players by giving you the option to play them for unique effects. For example, one hero allows you to gain an extra land after you win a land, which will incentivize you to go for low point lands. Rather than discard your heroes after battle, they will stay face up in front of you where you can eventually retrieve them (more on that later).

  • Villain cards are shuffled into the deck just like normal cards. Villains have stronger effects than normal cards, but they come at the cost of dishonoring yourself. One Villain is strength 9 and forces all other players to discard two cards on reveal. However, you lose one land point for the dishonor of enlisting that villain's help.

  • Finally, several lands have been added which will allow you to redraw one or both of your heroes when you win that land. This will give you an interesting decision: do you take the higher point land, or is it worth taking fewer points to redraw you hero?

Martial Art: Battlefields

This expansion explores the effects that the various battlefields of Japan have on the outcome of war. You may find yourself in a strong position on a commanding hilltop, but a rain storm may roll in and disrupt your plans. Both terrain and weather cards are played before battle, and affect the coming battle in some way.

  • Terrain cards have an effect that is always useful for the person who plays it. For example, a Swamp allows you to prevent other players from playing a card of your choosing. Don't want to risk your Legend being assassinated? Or maybe you don't want your Peasants Geisha'd? Play a Swamp! But be wary, as it will bely your intent, and there are other ways to sabotage you...

  • Weather cards affect all players equally, including yourself. The Flood card forces all players with a strength of 10 or higher to discard their hands and draw new ones after the battle. Depending on how you play this card, it could be very useful! Or it could be beneficial to another player who is nearly out of cards.

Hopefully you will find these new mechanics as fun and exciting as we do! What do you think of them? Are there any other mechanics you would like to see in this game?

Finally, we have rethemed Dark Web into a game about escaping a haunted house, tentatively called The Witching Hour. More on that later...