Coming this summer, Martial Art: Battlefields!

Martial Art is finally getting an expansion! In a few months we will launch the Kickstarter campaign for Martial Art: Battlefields. This expansion will feature effects such as terrain and weather, as well as add some exciting new battle and support cards!

There is a huge amount of room for new cards and mechanics in Martial Art, so if the Battlefields Kickstarter is a success then it will be just the first of several expansions for the game. This expansion will feature 24 new cards, with the possibility of additional cards being added if stretch goals are met.

New Mechanics

To represent the tumultuous conditions of the battlefields of feudal Japan, two new mechanics have been introduced to the game: terrain and weather.

Terrain cards are added to the main deck and are drawn and played as other cards. Before battle, each player may play one terrain card, which represents their army moving into a position to make use of the terrain feature they played. The terrain card remains in play for the duration of the battle, and will affect its outcome in some way. Below are two of the new terrain cards in Battlefields. Note that these are simply prototypes and the art has not been chosen nor has the graphic design been completed.



Weather cards add an effect that remains in play until a new weather effect replaces it. Because they remain in play, their effects can span multiple battles. The weather mechanics are still being smoothed out so I won't offer any more details as they may end up changing, but below are a couple of weather cards we have been experimenting with.



Card Errata

Finally, in playing literally hundreds of games of Martial Art we have noticed a few slight card modifications that could improve the game. Therefore, if stretch goals are met, we will include modified versions of a few existing cards which will replace those in the base game. Of course the game is excellent the way it is now, but with a few tweaks we believe we can balance out the power levels of a few cards that stand out.

Geisha has long been the hands down strongest card in the game. The ability to cancel the effect of a Peasants or Assassin as well as guard your own powerful battle cards from enemy support cards makes it the best card to have in almost any situation. Additionally, because it cancels the text on any card, it pushes out any other such effects that we might want to add to the game. Because of this, we would like to split Geisha into two separate cards: Geisha, which cancels the text of a battle card, and Taikomochi, which cancels the text of a support card. This will both lower the cards' power level slightly, as well as create more interesting decisions due to the new limits on what they can cancel.

Emperor and Shogun, in most situations, have too much of a down side to be played at all, despite being strength 12. When you play Emperor you can potentially give the player who already has the most points a free land just because they happened to play Supplies that turn, and when you play Shogun you risk a huge loss in land points. Therefore, we would like to make the following changes. Emperor will give the player(s) with the fewest land points a free land, which reduces the randomness of the card and even creates a slight "catch up" mechanic for someone in last place. Shogun will allow you to choose the land you shuffle back into the deck instead of forcing you to lose your highest point land, which reduces the down side and gives a slight incentive for having one-point lands.

There are a couple of land cards we have a mind to improve as well, which we will reveal later.

We can't wait to get Battlefields out into the world to supplement our proudest game, Martial Art! We will post more updates and share more cards over the coming months as we get closer to launch.