Gangster Dice


Gangster Dice


Things went sideways on that last job and the cops are after you! The investigator is closing in and the evidence is mounting up, but there may be a way to dodge the heat: fingering someone else!

In Gangster Dice, each player starts with a set of six dice which represent the evidence against you. You win the game by getting rid of all your evidence, which often involves pinning it on someone else. To do this you will compete with the other players for control of four tokens that will let you gain, lose, or otherwise manipulate the dice. But be wary of losing too many dice too quickly, as you may find yourself unable to lose the rest!


  • 27 custom engraved dice
  • 58 cards (42 favor cards, 16 bid cards)
  • 10 stand-up character cards
  • 4 influence tokens
  • 8-page rulebook
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