Martial Art


Martial Art

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Featuring historic Japanese artwork, Martial Art is a card game of factions warring for dominance of feudal Japan. The game takes place over a series of battles in which players must anticipate their opponents' actions, build their hands, and manage their cards to acquire enough land and power to defeat the other clans.

As clan leader, command your armies and muster forces to conquer places of economic and cultural significance such as the capital Kyoto or the rising city of Edo. But to secure victory will take more than foot soldiers. Provoke a peasant rebellion, influence the emperor to support your claim, or even distract the enemy commanders with lovely Geisha.

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Martial Art contains a rule booklet and a deck of 72 linen-finished cards covered from edge to edge with beautiful, historic Japanese artworks. Includes 60 Battle cards and 12 Land cards.

A single deck supports 2 players; two decks supports up to 4 players.

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